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 The Fashion Network, FNTV saw something special in Designer, Rachel Marie Hurst, before interviewing her for this feature. Perhaps it was her name, similar to FNTV President, Ann Marie, or maybe it was her aesthetics and wide vibrant smile. 


Without being able to decipher precisely why RMH is so special, I jumped onto our zoom meeting wanting to know what drew me to this designer. Without speaking for more than a couple minutes, one realization became very clear, Rachel Marie Hurst, nicknamed "Rae-Rae" shares my nickname, Re-Re, in a way.....and her journey to becoming the designer and woman she is today, was also very familiar. 

Hurst went to the University of Colorado, Boulder, diving deeply into a Pre-Med degree. After spending more than a year studying endlessly, and never feeling full inside, she knew her Medical Degree was not ever going to provide her the satisfaction, both personally and professionally that she sought. Pressure is always felt at the young age when applying for colleges and entering the final collegiate opportunity, but Hurst felt a much deeper pressure from within herself. She knew becoming any type of doctor, within the medical field, at anytime, was not going to ever satisfy the hunger within. Designing was. Now a Sophomore at Univ. Colorado, Hurst opted to stay at CU Boulder, but to switch majors to Costume Design. Hearing her educational journey was also music to my ears, and so very similar to my journey, that I hung onto her words more and more. Hurst elaborated on her collegiate journey and revealed how family pressure sent her into the medical degree, but her desire as a young child had always been to be a fashion designer. RING RING, BANG BANG, my mind was blown. Hurst and I had such a similar story and so do hundreds if not thousands of young people who desire deep within themselves to become a fashion designer, all knowing this career path was not for the weak, nor for the weary and never for the sensitive who cannot handle criticism and direction. Hurst vowed to grow thick skin and dive head first into the career she dreamt about from a young age. 

By 2007, Hurst switched majors officially and Co-Created The University of Colorado Fashion Design Student Association Organization. Within one year, 50 members and by 2009, more than 500 Members had joined FDSA! ANOTHER similarity between Hurst and myself, creating a successful organization aimed at providing support, solutions and success to its members. In 2000 I Founded and Launched, The Pink Ribbon Foundation, Nationwide. By 2013 we had raised millions of dollars, built the Mammography Changing Rooms and Breast Cancer Center at The University of Colorado Anschutz Cancer Pavilion. Hurst, had what it took to become a successful designer, with her instinctual abilities to know when a sector of all of our universe needed monumental support - and be successful at doing so. 

Hurst graduated with a Costume Design Degree and launched her brand, Rachel Marie Hurst shortly thereafter. Today, more than a decade later, Hurst also has brands RMH, under her belt. While her favorite medium is the creative manner in which she develops each collection; sketch, fabric for sketches, remodel sketches, and create. RMH ability to know what steps and in what order take her to the finish line is also key in establishing how Hurst is in charge of her career, her collections, her direction and her journey. Her natural ability to gravitate towards being true to herself, is also why she is still in the game.

Today, Hurst spends most of her time creating her collections and taking those collections to various shows around the Mid-West. Most recently, Hurst blew away the audience, buyers and show creators at the Omaha Fashion Week!  The moment Hurst knew she had found her career and would never stray from this journey, was in 2007 at her very first fashion show.  Hurst, felt "ALIVE" - and she never wants to leave that  

Whatever you do in life, living the Maa way, finding a passion to develop into a career, is the

only way to live life, in my opinion.

Written By, Annie Rigsby

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