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Q1 2024



YOUR 2024

Uncertainty starts the 2024 fashion future. While a war rages in the Middle East, and the United States political sector gives everyone a questionable task in 2024,  not to mention another climb in interest rates,  are all reasons people are doing less shopping and more returning. 

Although the Plus Size sector will reach more than $501 Billion in sales in 2023, and The Menswear side of the industry is finally providing men of all sizes, shapes and heights brands to buy from, as a whole, the industry is frail and failing to meet projected numbers.  Forecasting the Fashion Industry isn't solely for designers to grapple with the fabrics they already bought or the colors they wanted to express themselves with that now are not seen in sales by consumers, properly forecasting where the industry is headed is vital to its future.

Today, as 2023 comes to a close, the Fashion Industry is ON SALE in all sectors across the board. Unfortunately, the industry is a space where buyers wait long enough and every item will be a available for less. This consumer approach, combined with the outlook of the world as a whole, 


In fact, the industry is getting ready for February 2024 New York Fashion Week and beyond, including a growing demand for different than denim bottoms. A growing demand for relaxed fitting trousers, telling consumers to purchase a size or two bigger than normal, to elevate the exciting trend. But don't toss your denim away just yet, as the forecasted future includes new and different denim for all. 



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