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A Family Makes Schlepping Easier

We at The Fashion Network, FNTV, LOVE to hear the individual stories about how an idea is born and what it took to make that idea a reality. Make sure you not only ENTER TO WIN YOUR OWN HULKEN BAG, but watch the LIVE Episode of Fashionology TODAY on December 13, 2022 and be blown away by this families story! Now YOU can ask questions directly to a manufacturer, hear how to avoid mistakes and take to heart how hard bringing HULKEN BAG to your home has been, but how rewarding their journey has also been. The Fashion Network, FNTV is built to bring you ALL THINGS FASHION, ALL THE TIME, ON ANY DIGITAL DEVICE and now we bring you the Hulken Bag Story. Join us LIVE on December 13, 2022 on Fashionology TODAY on The Fashion Network, FNTV to hear this very special holiday story!

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