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Chocolate Isn't Just For The Desert Table

As the holidays begin to unfold around us, and my stomach hurts from all the candy we ate for Halloween, more chocolate isn't just for our kitchen table. Today, chocolate is a purposefully chosen color of apparel this Fall and Holiday 2023 Season, and buying chocolate color garments is easier than ever before, but beware, not all chocolate is the same.

Buying a dark brown hue, can be very difficult, however, and more often than not, the dark brown color- way won't represent itself across the board. As such, try to buy an entire outfit at one time in this Fall '23 sought after hue. For example, buy a dress in a chocolate hue, or a full suit, including pants and blazer in chocolate, but never add the cami in chocolate as well. THAT is simply too much candy.

Why has chocolate jumped from our plates and into our closets? Has the chocolate hue become the seasons most sought after color? Considering the industry has gone from dopamine dressing the last few years to bright pinks and Barbie toting accessories, it is simply time to go back to our roots and neutral's, along with being a very easy color to pair with nearly any other color, even Barbie Pink tops you have in the back of your closet!

Rich brown colors are very decadent, not only on your desert plate, but in every garment, accessory, hair color and eye color, making this silky hue a go-to for all. Seen across every brand, inside every photoshoot and across the windows of countless stores, brands are vying for a piece of this eye candy. From PRADA's leather pants, to Stella McCartney's vegan handbags, along with Tory Burch and Veronica Beards boxer jackets, the designers have spoken and chocolate is no longer just for your tabletop and snack bag.

Chocolate Silk is also seen in various fabrications; leather, velvet, cotton and as the namesake implies, silk, making this seasons most wanted color, also a price point friendly hue to buy. Whether you are going to spend thousands on a Chocolate Balenciaga Tote or under $100 at ZARA with their Wide Leg Trousers, everyone will find something to buy and borrow in this anything but neutral brown.

More than ease of financial accessibility, pairing this neutral is easy as a Hershey Chocolate Bar paired with a Twix, and being washed down with a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. A light brown T-Shirt paired with a chocolate brown denim pant and a black leather jacket are cream of the crop! Perhaps a fancier pairing can be found with a leather chocolate brown pant and a cream silk camisole underneath a black boxer jacket. Why not grab a chocolate brown dress shirt and pair with a grey pair of denim jeans along with an army green blazer? The color combinations of this seasons favorite hue, is the number one reason Chocolate Silk is the number one color for your Fall 2023 Closet.

The Fashion TV Network, FNTV

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