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FASHIONS SECRET - Quiet Luxury Is NOT So Quiet

Quiet Luxury has become the loudest topic in the last decade. Yet, for most, Quiet Luxury is very misunderstood, leaving the majority of fashion lovers in the dark. The secrets and overstated use of Quiet Luxury, who's misunderstood meaning has left even the best Stylists, Wardrobe Consultants, Designers, and Fashion Creatives alike, in the dark.

What does Quiet Luxury really mean? In simple terms, professing ones love of and ability to buy luxury labels and designer brands, without the logo leading the way. In other words, being financially capable of buying a luxurious label, such as PRADA, GUCCI, The Row, and many others, without needing the name embroidered across your chest or screened down your leg to show others you spent real money on your apparel. Wearing a pair of black trousers that are made of luxurious wool, with stylish wide leg silhouette and beautiful trim, solely because they fit you like a glove, and not because you are wearing a pant with VALENTINO across the backside on the label.

Quiet Luxury really depicts those of us who wear designer labels due to the quality and craftsmanship of the items, rather than the label being the standout piece of the garment. Quiet Luxury is quietly wearing designer brands and this has become the most talked about approach to not only 2024 fashion, but the future of fashion as a whole.

The future of fashion and your ability to keep up with the "Kardashians" is no longer being seen in a Versace Jumpsuit or carrying a Chanel Handbag, but in being able to wear the same pieces season after season in garments that are crafted impeccably and long-lasting. These garments are so well made, they last countless trips to the Dry Cleaners, Hand Washing, Travel, Closet Remodels and Moving. These same pieces reflect such hard work in their cost, adding to the luxurious concept. Yet, being able to afford such pieces and keep them for seasons to come, create a new force of fashion, timeless items, and gives the future of fashion a sustainable solution.

Have you ever considered buying a $1,500 Tote Bag and not done so due to the price tag? Yet, how many of you have bought a dozen tote bags under $100, that are either broken, too weathered to still appear worthy of being an accessory or uncomfortable and heavy? Have you ever counted those bags gaining dust in your closet? Most of us have bought enough items of one item we really dreamed of buying, in quantity to cost MORE than one item of quality we really desired. The purchase of items without a quality substance to them, is also found within the Fast Fashion Market.

Fast Fashion consists of items across the industry as a whole, that are much less expensive than typical items within the same category, in order for people to buy new items week after week. These same items are so much less expensive, people buy them over and over, in many colors, knowing they won't last more than a wash or maybe two. Most of the same items are made in factories, without quality zippers, fasteners, or any quality management rules, with the sole purpose of falling apart, sending people back to buy more of the same items, over and over. Most of these items are also trendy and provide fashion lovers a way to wear the same items seen across fashion magazines, inside blog posts and across news feeds that actors and models alike are also wearing. Yet, buying poor quality items and supporting fast fashion is also supporting a part of the Fashion Industry that creates waste and toxins and adds to the destruction of the future of fashion.

Quiet Luxury depicts shoppers who no longer buy 3 Winter Jackets to be trendy and fit in each Winter, but who are buying 1 Designer Winter Coat that is timeless in design and will last 3 decades due to the quality and craftsmanship. Quiet Luxury does a lot more than create commotion, it provides a foundation for shoppers to began their journey into a more sustainable fashionable solution and quietly build a timeless closet full of designer garments. At the end of the day, building a closet full of luxurious items and a wardrobe solely made of designer garments, will be the foundation of a capsule collection ultimately costing less.

The Future of Fashion is an endless devotion to buying clothing, shoes, accessories and effects, season after season. How we all participate in the future of fashion, is ours to decide.


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