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With the holidays around the corner, dressing your best is on many fashion lovers lists. This holiday season, Menswear makes magic by gifting men countless new and innovative options, including the NEW Shacket, Feaux button-up dress shirts that hide a zipper underneath, cooling systems and much more.

When a magical meeting with a Bangkok police officer gave Bryan Davis, Founder of Teddy Stratford, the idea to design his Zip Fit Shirt, a new generation of young men are opting to zip into their work day work shirt, rather than button up for work. The Zip Fit Shirt, designed and created by a team of mean, including master shirt maker, Carl Goldberg of CEGO Custom Shirts, has opened the menswear dress shirt business into a desired shirt to wear, out of work as well. Similar to womenswear brand, ANN MARIE, who created the Pull Over Blouse for women, both shirts were developed with the idea of creating a more smooth outward appearance. For men, a dress shirt can often pull at the button locations, just as a Womens dress shirt can as well. A hidden zipper, developed for the Zip Fit Shirt, provides the wearer a smoother appearance across the chest, but also serves as a simpler fastener for arthritic hands, incredible fashion forward developments in menswear shirting.

As the weather changes and colder days are upon most of us, GOBI Menswear has developed a BUILT IN heating system within their jackets and vests. With lightweight abrasion resistant nylon, Gobi has created heating elements that keep you warm for up to 10 Hours! The Dune Vest comes in 4-Colors and 3 Heating Levels, just like wearing a heating pad on the GO! Designed by an all Female Team, Gobi is leading the industry in heated apparel. Gobi's creators were women who were tired of being cold and missing their families outdoor activities. As with many incredible companies who find a niche needing filled, they've grown quickly and don't miss a beat. GOBI has given men every where a warm place to call home. Find your heated items at GOBIHEAT.COM

From GOBI Outerwear, the bottom of the menswear industry has continued to love, Bonobos bottoms. Bonobos creators set out to design pants that fit every mens body shape. Bonobos has not only created the traditional menswear pants, but 18 different sizes and lengths, to truly fit every man interested in showing off their Bonobos bottom. Every top made by Bonobos also comes in more than just S,M,L sizes, but a variety of shirt lengths as well, giving every man that wears Bonobos from top to bottom a perfect fit!

The Menswear Industry is on the top of our radar at The Fashion TV Network, FNTV. Menswear transcends time, setting apart the Cowboys from Corporates to the bankers of the west and the Real Estate Tycoons of Beverly Hills, but only recently is Menswear giving us something to talk about and brands to buy from that give others something to talk about.

As we enter 2024, The Fashion TV Network, FNTV is gaining not one, but TWO incredible Mens Designers to head their very own Fashion TV Show's. Beginning December 14, 2023, Thursdays are offering viewers 2 NEW Menswear TV Shows! Incredible Menswear designer, Adolfo Sanchez, as seen on HIT NETFLIX Fashion TV Show NEXT IN FASHION, takes the stage to deliver Moda Method to the Fashion TV Network, FNTV. Moda Method offers our viewers a weekly look into Menswear with a Latin flare unlike any FNTV tv show yet. Thursday afternoons are getting busy with Psychology Of Menswear, Hosted by Emmanuel Bynoe of 88SPADES. Psychology Of Menswear gives Fashion TV viewers, unprecedented access into the Menswear sector of the Fashion Industry. With weekly topics discovering colors, fabrics, styles within the Menswear sector, Emmanuel gives all viewers a reason to tune in weekly! Thursdays will never be the same on Fashion TV Network, FNTV!

Written by new FNTV Writer, Carissa Nordheim


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