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The Future Colors Are Here -

2025 Colors have been determined and our future looks magical, intense and dynamic.

Future Dusk tops the fashion favorite color for 2025 and your base color, top color, underneath color and the color to create your entire collection, shopping list and interior around. Future Dusk is a dark hue, between a deep dark purple and dark blue, bringing an imaginative and alluring hue to the forefront. As designers, creating a collection where Future Dusk is the base and the other 2025 colors surround this beautiful hue will translate into a magnificent collection.

Adding a "pop" of color, Sunset Coral is a great option. The 2025 coral hue is a deeper coral, rather than a neon base that we have seen in the past. Sunset Coral provides your Future Dusk a sunny T-Shirt to add underneath a deep suit, or a trim color for a luxurious cape, or a visible zipper along the denim pants within any collection.

Bringing any collection to reality takes a designer who understands the colors of the year, within the season and how to bring those colors together to present a unified group of garments. Researching the industry, including the colors and how they work together to be seen on runways, and fashion shows throughout the world, to eventually be sold in stores, matters. Adding into the color mix for your future collection, is Aquatic Awe, a flowing turquoise that gives your Future Dusk wide-leg trouser a stunning silk blouse to shine in on top, but underneath the deep, nearly purple suit jacket. To create a timeless look, but one that stands out, would be to add a Sunset Coral shoe to the mix. Classy, timeless, but invigorating to say the least.

When gathering your fabrics for 2025, and considering the countless sketches in hand, determining which ones make the cut, might be affected by what colors a designer throws into the mix. Ray Flower is another 2025 color, making the cut. As the color insinuates, flower, Ray Flower is a yellow hue. But a yellow hue that is not sharp, nor bright, but lasting and makes an impression. A subtle yellow that provides another great alternative to white.

The Fashion Network, FNTV is not only a TV Network, providing our millions of viewers a place to watch daily fashion driven tv shows, but is also a space to connect, collaborate and create. Part of doing so, is to be on top of trends, future markets and colors. We are delighted to bring all of our viewers, members and subscribers alike the 2025 Colors Of The Year. For more Trend Forecasting, Newsletters, Weekly Emails and Blog Posts, become an FNTV Member and receive all this information and more to help direct, support and persuade you within the industry we all love.

Below is a fantastic Fashion Illustration bringing the 2025 Colors to light, and by incorporating 3 of the core colors. For more incredible designs, including the design below, go to AMD with HOAMLTD,LLC.

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