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Trending Tuesday Trouser's

Trending Tuesday is HERE! Time to talk trends and todays trend is TROUSERS! Trousers are taking the place of every bottom you currently have inside your closet, and doing so in a WIDE range of styles, fabrics and colors. Fold your jeans, unless their Denim Trousers, hang your skirts in the guest room closet, box up your leggings and trot towards trousers!

A WIDE range being the key word to the Trouser trend! EXTRA WIDE pant legs seen in every store, yet hanging alongside cropped trousers as well, making the trouser topic a unique trend this season! Countless options are available to find your figure flattering fit, fabric fulfilling weight and colors are just the beginning, as prints take over the runways, worldwide!

Today, more than we have ever seen before, a trouser silhouette is available to compliment any woman’s figure, and the WIDE leg fit is ideal for anyone questioning which style is ideal for them. The wide leg trouser has been seen across every fashion runway show this season, in every country. Each version more unique than the next. Whether you are wanting a thick cuffed hem with a wide leg trouser, or a flowing wide leg version, your options are virtually endless. We saw pleated wide leg trousers across the runways, emulating wearing a skirt! Your options are almost trend defying!

The elastic waist has become a staple across most ready-to-wear brands, designer womenswear brands and even in fast fashion companies, including ZARA and H&M, in nearly every bottom garment possible. Now, the elastic waisted trouser has become a symbol of trouser wearing styles and a style that many love, giving the wearer a comfortable waistline for the entire day!

Today, you can wear the ideal style of trouser pant leg silhouette to compliment your figure, but also elastic waistband options in every version. The elastic waistband also includes various options, ranging from a full elastic waistband, or a front traditional silhouette with an elastic waistband in the rear. The latter version provides the wearer the ability to appear traditional but feel the comfort the elastic waistband provides in the back. The elastic option is ideal for a figure who travels, works all day, bends a lot in their work role, and of course for moms who juggle a variety of roles on a daily basis.

The newest version of trouser is the CROP TROUSER silhouette, which made its way across all fashion runways this season. We loved the crop version, almost as much as the elastic waistband, as the shorter length gives the wearer the ability to take one pair and wear in vastly different scenarios. You can wear a cropped trouser pant with a blouse and white classy sneaker to go from one office to another and across a city or on a subway and still look chic. The same cropped trouser with a blouse top can be worn with stylish boots to add an edge and stand out in the crowd while wearing the cropped trouser with the popular Ballet Flat and Mary Jane shoe of the year, to promote a classic yet trendy outfit.

If a cropped version doesn’t hit you in the leg, try the jogging trouser silhouette. Wearing the jogging style trouser reflects a more casual appearance but the jogging hem can easily be tucked into knee length boots to instantly turn your casual trouser into a stylish, edgy and sophisticated pair of pants! Although we saw less variations of the jogging trouser, we also saw a few Denim Trouser options across the runways. The denim versions were mostly seen with a very wide leg and were offered in either a heavy denim or a very flowing denim. The jogging trouser or denim trouser are both available across the globe, but were not our favorite options.

Regardless of whether you are a wide leg trouser gal, or an extra wide leg with elastic waistband woman, or a combination of the trouser trend, opting for the cropped version, we cannot forget the colors, prints and fabrics available. Fabrics became our best friend, feeling the flowing options along with stunning Winter ready wool fabrications caught our attention. PRINTS are here and here to stay! We loved the plaid prints, especially in classic color-ways, including variations of greens and blues, browns and burgundy’s. We fell hard for colors including the 2025 color of the year, Future Dusk - a deep dark blue/purple hue. WOW, such a stunning color coming our way, and one easily parable with other classic colors to create a classy but edgy outfit. Yet, a white out was our absolute favorite! White cashmere sweater paired with white wide leg trouser pants, stole the hearts of the FNTV Trend Team!

Whether you are ready to wear an edgy and new cropped trouser or loving a traditional version, every style and silhouette is ready to try on nationwide in countless stores and from every designer! The hardest part for the FNTV Trend Team, finding enough time to try on all the variations, thus we ordered many more versions and loved trying them on at the office! Which we will leave you with the latter opportunity, buy online, shop online, try trousers from AMAZON, to BG, and SAKS, and grab a few from Nordstrom Rack and Macys to boot. Regardless of your designer or shop of choice, we are confident that each and every one of you will fall in love with at least one pair of the Trouser Trends headed your way!

A few versions below to wet your Trouser Trend Tongue - Happy Shopping!

Trousers With Sneaks

WIDE Leg Cropped Trouser


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