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 The Fashion Network, FNTV Is proud to introduce to our viewers, a woman

who never says never. She is not one to back down from a challenge, even a challenge she

creates on her own accord. Introducing, Skye Barker Maa.

After speaking with Maa for only a couple minutes, her desire to fill her life with passion,

regardless of her background or education, became very clear. Maa’s career choices are

also founded in the desire to find work in a career that provides for others. Ms. Maa takes

the concept; if you build it they will come to heart. She has “built it"  and they have indeed



When Skye had her son nearly 15 years ago, his love of music combined with Skye’s inability

to play music, lit a fire within her and a career in music began. Skye did not call local music

shops or music teachers to find a local teacher for her son, who was only 3 years old at the

time. Rather, her innate determination to “build it” developed her first successful career, a

music school, “Neighborhood Music”. More than a decade later, her son plays 10

instruments very well and Neighborhood Music is a staple in her Denver Metro neighborhood.

During this time, Maa found she also loved creating within fashion. Again, without a

background in the fashion industry, nor a traditional fashion education, Skye decided to

give designing a try. Most men and women who love fashion spend their time shopping,

watching Project Runway and trying to attend New York Fashion Week. Not, Skye Barker

Maa. Maa decided her love of fashion deserved an “all in” and “if you build it, they will

come” attitude, which quickly blossomed into Maa becoming a designer.


Designing was not the only aspect of the fashion industry she wanted to express herself within.

Once again,she also found a way to share her love with others, by creating “Fashion Factory”.

“Transform your passion into fashion….the Joy Of Dressing Is An Art” is John Galliano’s

famous sentiment. It is also another expression one can use to describe Skye Barker Maa.

This passion developed into Skye launching Factory Fashion, an all hands on deck

approach to fashion. The Factory Fashion exists inside a unique metropolitan shopping

center in Denver, Colorado, The Stanley Marketplace. Anyone is welcome, while everyone is

encouraged to visit. Factory Fashion is another Fashionprenuer career decision, to fill her

own desire to learn to sew and design, and providing a space for others to do so as well.

Factory Fashion has become the Denver Metro area “go-to” for anyone who wants to learn

fashion. It also has become a creative location for countless groups to rent out for classes,

parties, and summer camps. Once again, Maa has created a business that doesn’t just fill

her own needs and desires, but supports her community and gives them an opportunity to

learn fashion. Skye can be found inside Factory Fashion, almost daily. Whether she is

creating her own brands or producing small batch runs for clients, she is also a continual

student of the industry she loves, Fashion.


Skye Barker Maa’s collections are meant to be seen. They express her very own

avante garde personality. Maa is seen, especially in her local city, Denver, Colorado.

Even though Maa is located in the middle of the country, a city that is yet to be a fashion hub,

she has never let geography stop her. She is a staple at local fashion shows. In a very short

amount of time, Maa has learned to sew, accomplished creating a custom print on fabric and

completed her very own collections.

Maa now has TWO collections under her belt, and a third is on the way.

When speaking with Maa, I found her to be delightful, easy to talk to, and

ready to learn. Maa’s desire to always be a student, whether in music,

fashion or maybe her next career, is what sets her apart from other

designers. Learning is the gateway from desire to development. Maas

desire and readiness to learn, is the foundation for her ability to develop

into a bonafide Fashion Designer. She has many big things in store for all

of us, and I am ready to learn from her.


It was a sincere pleasure speaking with Skye Barker Maa and will be an even more sincere

pleasure to watch her continue to grow and glow. You can find out more about Maa, like

her upcoming fashion shows, collections, Factory Fashion and more, here

Whatever you do in life, living the Maa way, finding a passion to develop into a career, is the

only way to live life, in my opinion.

Written By, Annie Rigsby

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