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Ann Marie Clark

President The FNTV Network

Annie has more than 25 years of experience within the Fashion Industry, including owning a half dozen retail stores, designing a successful womenswear brand, and created software to allow images to become prints on fabric. Yet, Annie always felt the desire to teach within the industry and was always frustrated for countless men and women who did not have the ability to do what they wanted at arms legnth. Her desire to reach more creatives who do not yet have a voice, was the catalyst for The Fashion Network and so the digital platform began to help creatives do what they love and make a living from doing so. 

Dallas Remenne

Head of Business Development & Marketing

Calls has been part of The Fashion Network since the very beginning. As our Head of Business Development, Dallas plays a key role in making sure everything runs seamlessly with clients from beginning to end. Her go get em' attitude and sheer grit combined with her fashion sense of style, bring Dallas to the forefront of the industry and into your home. Tackling Marketing & Public Relations also falls under Dallas's overall job description. Her big hat fits her big personality and energy level on a daily basis. We know you will love Dallas's emails as much as we love her personality at FNTV HQ. Whether you are looking to collaborate with FNTV or have a new tv show to pitch, Dallas will assist you the moment you reach out. 

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Marc Gordon 

Executive Producer FNTV

After many years working throughout the fashion industry, primarily as an editor for STYLE Magazine, The Fashion Network was thrilled to welcome Mr. Gordon, to the team. He brings a strong background and exceptional skill set to his role as Associate Producer, while overseeing each new TV Show and Podcast that The Fashion Network green lights. Marc is thrilled to join FNTV and to work closely with President & Owner, Annie Rigsby. 

Madilynne Foonberg

Content Director & Executive Assistant

Living in Manhattan, Madilynne works tirelessly to create new content, connect with new creators, assist in launching new TV Shows and works directly with all TV Show Hosts, guests and PR Teams. Her work goes far beyond her title at FNTV as she is the FNTV TEAM GO-TO - we are all so very lucky to work with Madilynne.



Director Advertising Department

An NYU Alum, Amir knows NYC and still makes New York his home. The perfect place to live in this amazing country to be amongst the most fashionable people. Amir connects with people in a very bubbly, friendly manner that leaves you wanting to know him, even more! Creating catchy pitches is a daily laugh around the FNTV offices, and taking his creativity to new advertisers is his forte. Amir also listens with such an attentive ear, he hears things you say, without saying them. So email Amir today and have the perfect, made to order, advertising package arrive in your inbox by EOB!



 Advertising Engineer

Mr. Adam Roads is The Fashion Network, FNTV Advertising Engineer. Adam engineers incredible advertising packages, pitches and collaborations for FNTV. Adam is also Amir's right hand guy, with a specialty in Finance. Adam will be your Advertising Financial Go-To Guru to make sure your properly paying and doing so in a timely manner. Adam is always only an email away to give you better understanding of your FNTV Invoice or guide you to make a payment online, and in his calm demeanor you will never feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. In fact, Adam will make you feel oddly comfortable gifting FNTV your financial commitment. We love Adam Roads making him the FNTV Employee of the MONTH! 

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