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The Pink Ribbon Foundation was created in 2000, with love for Clark's Grandmother, Virginia Grace Kuhlemeyer, after she lost her battle with Breast Cancer. During her battle with cancer, Clark and her family were deeply saddened by the countless items unavailable for Kuhlemeyer in that insurance would not cover. Ultimately, establishing the Pink Ribbon Foundation became a families quest to not allow unavailable items insurance would not cover, be out of reach for others fighting for their lives. Today, the Pink Ribbon Foundation continues to offer countless people groceries, air conditioning units, transportation, personal care including massages and assistance in daily activities, through the University of Anschutz Cancer Pavilion. Over the last 23 years, The 

Pink Ribbon Foundation has helped thousands, and will always be the go-to foundation that began the pink ribbon.


Click the Caring Community Award to read more about just one of many awards given to the PRF Foundation.

During the 2006 Annual Gala, The PRF Foundation was thrilled to giveaway a brand new Porsche to one lucky winner! A Georgian won the raffle and at the same time, supported his sister who was fighting for her life! 

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