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Spring-Breakers are still traveling across the globe in search of fun in the sun. While Spring-Breakers continue to bombard beaches, families are also dipping their toes in the fresh waters. This Spring Break Season, and springtime intersects with Summer sun and hot weather sending thousands into the waves. Packing for an ocean getaway can bring stress to anyones day, not this season, when you need to pack only one-piece.

One-Piece swimwear, that is.

Swimwear has been a monumental part of the Fashion Industry and transformation throughout the last 375 years is substantial. In the 1700's, women were first introduced to being able to wash themselves in water, outside of the privacy of their home, while wearing loose fitting, open cut swim dresses. Although the swim dress, did not look like today's swimwear, the evolution of the swimsuit continued to change lives along the way.

Fabric is one of, if not the most important part of any designers collection. Fabric was essential in the development of swimwear. In 1931, Lastex Yarn was created and a new swimsuit style emerged. One that held its shape in and outside of the water. Mixed with various fabrics, a shiny and shapely swimsuit began to take shape across beaches and lakes alike. Although the creation of the bikini for all to wear, was in 1946, in 1912, designer Carl Jantzen made the first 2-piece for the Olympics.

With hundreds of years of monumental swimwear development, Summer 2024 introduces the One-Piece as a stylish accessory and the one piece of clothing to take with you all summer long. Designers today are able to design one-piece swimwear with cutouts and fabric distribution, creating stunning figures. Today's One-Piece Swimsuit provides a lure and temptation, bikinis don't have. Additionally, inventive fabric that also protects the person wearing the swimsuit, gives a one-piece even more allure.

Designers, including Cynthia Rowley and Athleta, continue to develop stylish one-piece swimsuit options, with UPF fabrics that also protect for hours of fun in the sun, with an extra layer of safety. One-Piece swimsuits are also a great design for athletic women who participate in swim competitions, Triathlons and even surfing, making them a great option for women.

Whether you are wanting to impress friends on a trip, wear a one-piece as a top with flowing pants or jump on a surfboard to grab a wave, today's swimsuit and FNTV Tuesday Trend, the chic one-piece is here to stay!

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