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With 2024 underway, and Spring is here to stay, Tennis Tournaments across the globe are finding their way into fashion. Whether you are rooting for a specific tennis superstar, like Coco Gauff, or rooting for the underdog like we did at the Indian Wells, BNP Paribas Open, what the crowd wears is nearly as important as the players themselves. Tennis Attire, has officially made its way into the Fashion Industry as a category released during the Resort Wear time of year.

Tennis Attire has been worn for years by both men and women off the court, for comfort. The NEW Varsity High_Waisted Pleated Tennis Skirt from Lululemon pairs well with your favorite VINCE Tank Top and cropped pullover jacket to run errands after a workout. While wearing Lululemon shorts, T.H.E Mens Short, Train Hard Everyday, also from Lululemon , looks amazing both on the court and off, to grab the kids after school. For decades, the activewear grab n go, grabbing your gym attire to go, anywhere, has been part of the usual quid pro quo for both men and women.

Yet, today, the same items are never being worn to the tennis part, gym or local Orange Theory.

Most women in today's school pick up line, and I have been in hundreds over the years, arrive in workout attire, yet with fresh coifed hairdos, a full face of makeup, rather than a messy pony or sweaty stained tops. This workout look, is more a tight butt statement for others to know they do workout, but not today, not before pickup and not in these clothes. Whereas the 2024 Tennis look, has begun to expand across the Fashion Industry and includes garments that are never worn on the court.

Take the Tank Sweater Vest, worn on the tennis courts by Pro-Players across the tournament platform from athletic companies, such as NIKE and Adidas. This season, the sweater vest was also seen across the runways, from collections by COACH, Ralph Lauren or Rag N Bone. Pairing the sweater vest with a denim shirt or a simple T-Shirt underneath, and a denim skirt, to grab lunch with the gals, take the tennis attire from the courts to the country club lunches. Adding the most sought after shoes of the season, a Loafer, Mary Jane or an amazing Proenza Schuler Gold Ballet Flats, women are wearing tennis attire all day, anywhere, anytime.

My favorite tennis takeaway, Tennis Dress. Tory Burch has launched several tank style tennis dresses that look both stylish and sporty, giving the wearer the ability to truly take their game from court-side to the service line! My favorite of all tennis dresses, is from Bogner. The navy short sleeve tennis dress is both accentuating in all the right places, but classic, timeless and fashionable. Bogners Jana Pleated Dress is your ACE for the Spring and Summer months to come. Wear this dynamo dress with the Bogner NEW Santa Rosa Sneakers with Green Trim to trot across a day of sight seeing with your friends, or pair this dress with current trend worthy shoes to run errands. The T-Shirt Tennis dress can also be worn with your favorite leather sandal to explore the parks in Costa Rica or to lunch in Santa Fe. Toss on a denim jacket by day and a leather coat by evening to take your tennis attire to timeless tradition.

Whether you decide to run into dressing rooms to try on the tennis trend, or tackle the trend with a competitive edge, the latest timely trend is bouncing into stores now.

Written By FNTV Ultimate Member, Charlotte Trimboll

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