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For the first time in my nearly 30 years working within the Fashion Industry, Micro, Mini and MEGA handbags are trends to fall in love with in 2024. Not to mention, the return of the BUCKET BAG!

Micro bags are being worn to carry your essentials, and I mean your sample sized lipstick, and maybe a house key. NO need to pay for anything, because these Micro's are not big enough for any form of payment. let alone your telephone. So why carry one? After we asked random men and women perusing the boutiques near Fashion Island, Newport Beach California, the men told us their mini's were to symbolize they can afford them, while the women told us they squeezed sample sized essentials into them to also take part in the very micro trend. Both, men and women, also carried other bags to hold their phones, wallets and sunglasses. The upside of carrying a Micro Handbag in 2024, they are adhered to chains giving a necklace vibe.

For those of you who want to carry only ONE handbag at a time, we suggest trying a Mini Bag. Mini Bags were seen across all runways leading up to next months New York Fashion Week and ARE big enough to carry your phone, a credit card or two and your glasses. But, that is about all! From Chanel to The Row and Kate Spades vibrant options, all of the handbag designers creating Mini's have measured precisely how to pack essentials into the bag and still be able to close it. The Mini Handbags are also a great option for traveling. In fact, I own a handful of Designer Mini Bags and take them on every vacation, regardless of the type of trip or location of the family gathering. Being able to pay for dinner, see the bill with my eye glasses, reapply lipstick and take my diabetic medication, are all great reasons to skipping over the Micro and buying another Mini!

My Mini Handbags are also a great way to keep very personal items close to my heart when boarding an airplane, and also relieve my back of adding pain to my already bulldozed spine. Of course, dropping either a Micro or Mini handbag into my GIANT oversized Tote, gives my back and I pure pleasure! Lucky for both of us, Tote bags are making a gigantic resurgence.

Although the classic Louis Vuitton Tote has been handed down generations, the overall flare of tote bags has slowed down the last 5 years. Until NOW! Until the men and women of the world have spoken and decided reading is cool again, iPads and Tablets are a MUST whether you are going to shop with friends, are picking up kids at schools or taking a long stroll around town, the tote has returned and done so in a MEGA WAY!

Forget how your twenty something backs will feel at my age, 48, after you sloshed around the city carrying a change of clothes for each of your children, your hardback book of the week, an intense First Aid pack, a box of crayons and coloring books for those same children to keep busy at dinner and more to make sure life is luxurious. Today's MEGA TOTE bags appear to carry only the essentials, personal essentials and nothing more. The mega size has become a node to luxury and ones financial bracket. The bigger the Tote, the more expensive the designer and the more thousands of dollars you spent buying this seasons MEGA Tote.

One thing has remained the same throughout my nearly 30 years working within and growing up inside the Fashion Industry, loving fashion and all of the changing trends. This mantra is precisely why, the industry as a whole, operates in a cyclical fashion. One such operational trend, is that every 7 years or so, the biggest fashion trends, return. The 7-Year Return, equates to the magical movement that occurs every 7 years when an "On-Trend" item returns to the shelves and into shoppers closets. This process, provides companies the ability to foresee what items, within the companies prior collections, will sell out, again. All of the 2024 Handbag Trends are a part of the fashion industry's 7-year Return, making them trends many of us already own.

The questions for all handbag lovers this year are, Will the desire to own a new version of the MICRO, MINI and MEGA Bags be enough to buy a new version? Will our love of fashion be enough to sustain us to proudly wear any of these bags we already hold safely inside our closets? Will our love of fashion be bigger than our desire to live a fashionably sustainable life and drive us to our local boutiques to buy one of the 2024 Handbag Trends? Whichever way your devotion to fashion takes you, don't forget to take your handbag with you!

The Fashion TV Network, FNTV.

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