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With Valentines Day around the corner, and the Mob Wife aesthetic taking over the industry, combining the two seemed only, fashionably fitting. Valentines Day traditions, include roses, flowers, candies, lingerie and jewelry. All of which can excite and ignite a festive evening, mood and flavor. Add black tights to the mix, Feaux furs, and big earrings, meet MOB WIFE.

While 2023, and Quiet Luxury, the label not leading the way on garments, Mob Wife Aesthetic, is the polar opposite. Women have decided to share their power, confidence, ability to run a boardroom, scream I have made money, through their apparel, handbags, footwear and accessories. The bold, colorful, mixed fabrications, giant earrings, and often, all worn together as many items as possible, describes the '24 Mob Wife and flashy fashion.

Why did the understated, but very confident woman in 2023, need to make an entrance in 2024? How did the Mob Wife term, turn into the go-to description of women in 2024 and can this new, vibrant, in charge and loud woman, also support the industry in a way other aesthetics before, have not?

The Top 5 Mob Wife Items purchased in January 2024; Feaux Fur Coats takes the #1 spot, including the brand Donna Salyers from Nordstrom, while large and in charge, bold, gold plated earrings is #2, and we love brands Jill Herlands and Gretchen Ventura and the 3rd most purchased items to make a statement when exiting your Uber and entering the office, is the Mega Bag, which are taking runways across the globe by storm. The Fashion TV Network, FNTV Editor In Chief, loves the Vegan option from ALC. in their LEO Bag, along with Burgundy Mega Bags, including the LOEWE we fell in love with. Although black is back, whether you want to highlight your legs with lace tights or a black leather coat, black takes the 4th spot in top Mob Wife items purchased in 2024. The 5th most popular item, makeup, rounds out the Top 5 items to create your Mob Wife aesthetic. Whether you are buying online brands, JONES ROAD BEAUTY or heading to your local department store makeup counter, go BOLD with red lipsticks, thick eye liner and colorful eyeshadows when creating your face for todays Mob Wife.

Creating a Mob Wife allure, encompasses your entire look, head to toe. Grab that 80's perm again, toss in those volume extending curlers from Dry Bar, and wear your pony tail high up on your head! Making a statement is the goal when jumping into the most talked about aesthetic for 2024, and the year has just begun! Whether this trend stays for the remainder of the year is to be seen, but that is the overall goal of the Mob Wife Look, be seen and seen from any direction, and from afar!

Wanting to reach for this aesthetic and make heads turn, opt for a Valentines Day reveal. With just 10 days until the celebratory day of LOVE arrives, you still have time to get ready to arrive at dinner, in commanding and head turning Mob Wife attire. Whether you reach for a mega bag to carry your friends, partners, spouse or lovers gift, or a bright red clutch, paired with lace tights, knee high boots, a chic bodysuit with a giant Feaux fur atop, your giant hair and gold encrusted earrings will mark your entrance unlike any year before!

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